Cemetery Sales Myths

When you are grieving the loss of a loved one, it’s not uncommon for cemeteries and funeral homes to try to sell you monuments. It’s important to understand the many misconceptions about purchasing monuments so you can make the best decision for your memorial.

Myth: You must purchase a monument from the cemetery where your love one is buried.
Truth: While some cemeteries do sell monuments, the law does not dictate that families must purchase monuments from the cemetery where their loved one is buried. In addition, the law requires cemeteries to provide equal care of plots, regardless of where the monument was purchased. Often, reputable monument companies offer far better warranties than cemeteries. Ultimately, you have the freedom to select your monument builder.

Myth: Monuments not purchased from the cemetery are not covered by warranties or in case of damage.
Truth: It’s not unusual for cemeteries to insinuate that your monument purchased elsewhere has no warranty. They may also lead you to believe they have no responsibility if an employee damages such monuments with a lawnmower or other equipment. This is not the case. If a cemetery employee damages a monument, the cemetery is responsible.

Myth: Cemeteries are more experienced monument designers.
Truth: Most cemeteries have been in the monument business less than 10 years. Our family of monument builders has generations of experience. In fact, you’ll see a great deal of our work in local cemeteries. While the salespeople working for cemeteries have good intentions, very few have monument design experience or training. They may even only sell monuments part time.