Risks of Buying Online

There are a few good things about buying online, such as the ability to view a large variety of memorials quickly and the potential to save a little money … that is, if you’re not afraid of extra work and risk. We believe the best way to purchase a monument is to meet the professionals who are creating this tribute and get practical feedback to ensure your investment yields a memorial that accurately reflects your loved one while also fitting your budget. Plus, online and big box memorialists can’t match the superior craftsmanship of certified monument builders.

If you do choose to purchase online, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Granite is a natural stone product. The swatches you view on your computer monitor may vary distinctly from what you see in the delivered product. Be sure you understand the large grain patterns and colors that vary in pieces of granite.
  2. Be aware of size, as photos can be misleading. You don’t want to end up with a memorial that is a different size you desired, especially if it winds up being something smaller or larger than what your cemetery allows.
  3. Watch out for hidden costs, which most online stores tack on later. These can include shipping, receiving, installation, setting and foundation.
  4. Customization can be costly. If you choose a standard item, even seemingly small requests can be expensive, such as adding your family name or an epitaph.
  5. We’re always here to help, by phone, email and in person. Unfortunately, a website in another state or country may be difficult to pinpoint someone to help in the event there is a problem. It can often be difficult to get an online vendor — who’s already been paid — to remedy issues if they arise.
  6. Required options may never be presented. Do you want a penciled edge or sawed sides on your flush marker? Do you want a polished margin on a marker base? You may never hear these terms during the purchase process but they are an important part of designing a monument.
  7. Finding a worker to receive the marker delivery and properly install it at the cemetery can be extremely difficult. Keep in mind that many monuments weigh more than 1,000 pounds. They must be jointed together to prevent water from seeping between the pieces, which can cause the tablet to slide off during winter freezes.
  8. The risk upfront is all on you. Most online vendors require payment before they begin work, leaving you vulnerable and without leverage to ensure the project is completed as ordered.

In the end, you can decide to choose a local memorialist or online vendor. We’re available to answer any questions you may have.